Corporate Culture  企业文化
Corporate values: The unity of knowledge and action, Helping the world on moral.
“TAISHIKANG”builds its career on the basis of scientific researches; reveres the enterprise’s management method of “Combining Knowledge with Action, Improving Moral Integrity and Contributing to the Society”; makes benefits for patients with nephropathy worldwide with its high-tech and high-quality products; undertakes the social responsibilities with an attitude of “Integrity, Rigorous, Innovative, and Concerned”.

Corporate mission: Providing convenient, effectual products and services to kidney patients all over the world.
Comprehensively aimed at the field of nephropathy treatment, the company uses multi-category and type products to build universal medical production enterprises for nephropathy treatment; aspires from development, sales to using, so as to provide convenient and efficient products and services for people with nephropathy worldwide, make health become easy.

Corporate wish: Becoming the best medical brand in the field of kidney disease treatment.
In the global integration process of historical development, and under the industrial trend of rapid development of Chinese public health industry and based on the background of requirements for more effective and convenient treatment protection from more and more patients with nephropathy; “TAISHIKANG” manages the company with its sincerity,remains enterprising and improving, and aspires to become the most outstanding brand in the field of medical treatment of nephropathy.
Corporate spirit: Consist from beginning to end, Do morality well.
The way to achieve great deed is usually the simplest way. Only the initial determination can not be forgotten. Since the establishment of the brand, “TAISHIKANG” consistently insists on humanistic caring attitude and focuses on accumulating and propagating of brand culture. The company pays much attention to the construction of talents team and creation of enterprise’s characteristics, and starts with fine parts of management standards to cultivate the enterprise genes of “Show virtues to the public”. Only by doing so can we accomplish the everlasting enterprise and set good examples for the whole society.
品牌口号:泰济生命 康健未来
Brand slogan: Rescue sentient beings, Ensure future health.
Safely Relieve the Life--- Tai, means safety; Ji, means cross a river. It indicates relieve people’s hardship which can be regarded as the supreme pursue for the country’s prosperity and people’s satisfaction.
Seek after the Health in the Future--- The way to achieve great deed is usually the simplest way. All living things on earth would end with unification. Health is the foundation for people’s living. “TAISHIKANG” determines to provide protection for people’s health and endows every single life with rights of enjoying happiness.
正直 Integrity
严谨 Preciseness
创新 Innovation
关怀 Solicitude
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