Training System  培训体系
“TAISHIKANG” always lays emphasis on the cultivation and development of talented person. By carrying out comprehensive training courses, the company and its employees are improved constantly for the purpose of establishing learning-based team and realizing the win-win development of the company and its staffs.

The company meticulously organizes efficient instructor team and provides numerous learning opportunities of on-the-job training, professional skill training, network training, self-learning, and training away from the company for employees on the basis of their development cycle. Combined with sufficient investigation of training needs, content settings of training courses are rich and comprehensive. In the form, the training courses are diversified by means of case study, role play, incorporation of attempting and listening, group interaction and outward bound. At the same time, our company builds good collaborative relationships with many companies who aim at foreign training for enterprises, implements the cooperation model of “Bring in and Go out” and continuously provides more learning and promotion opportunities for excellent employees and management level of our company.

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