Free Independent Monaco Banks Report.

The essential Monaco bank guide for anyone in business selling their company or anticipating good capital amounts in the weeks and
months ahead.

As both a Monaco resident and having held top positions with both Credit Suisse and Merrill Lynch there are few people better qualified than Wendy Wood-West to advise which of the banks in Monaco could be the most suitable for opening a Monaco bank account.

Is it simply a case for example if you currently bank in the UK with Lloyds TSB, Barclays, HSBC or RBS to open an account with their respective branches in Monaco?

Apparently not, as some of the banks have large or majority shareholdings held by the British government, and it might not take too much for their influence to extend to asking the offshore banks for British citizens activities – it might well be the case that those from the UK would be better off looking at a different Monaco bank. Equally citizens from other countries should try to avoid their own country’s banks in Monaco and go for one not connected with their home country.

In this report Wendy advises not only which banks could be could for your needs, but can suggest who might be most helpful and professional at the different banks in Monaco.

With Wendy’s report learn from 20 years experience which of the Monaco banks could be good for you and save hours of research time on what bank in Monaco could be most suitable.

Free Monaco Banks Report

In our freely available report we tell you what is needed to open a bank account in Monaco, and give recommended real people names in Monaco banks to contact about opening a bank account in Monaco.

Complete your details below and we will send you by e-mail our report on opening a bank account in Monaco.

Please note that Monaco Banks require a 300,000 Euro opening deposit.

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Barclays Bank Monaco
Barclays Bank Monaco
HSBC Bank Monaco
HSBC Bank Monaco
Lloyds Bank Monaco
Lloyds Bank Monaco
















Monaco Bank Addresses:

Lloyds TSB Monaco
11, bd des Moulins

UBS Monaco
2, avenue de Grande-Bertagne
And also UBS 10-12, Quai Antoine 1er Monaco

UBS, Monte Carlo, Monaco

Deutsche Bank Monaco SAM
24, bd des Moulins

Barclays Bank Monaco
21, av de la Costa 

HSBC Monaco
avenue de Grande-Bretagne

RBS Monaco – Royal Bank of Scotland Monaco
Avenue de Grande-Bretagne

Coutts and Co
14, Ave de Grande Bretagne

Scandanavian Banks In Monaco

Banker i Monaco

Bank i Monaco

Banken In Monaco

Whatever language you speak, we will be able to help you with Monte Carlo real estate and Monaco property

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